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Finding nursing schools in California Bay Area

Those looking for nursing schools in the California Bay Area will find they have a wide range of first class programs to choose from, as well as very good prospects of employment after completing training. There are plenty of options, whether you are interested in qualifying as a Registered Nurse, completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or training as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. In addition, there are opportunities to qualify in a wide variety of nursing specialisms.

Range Of Nursing Schools In California Bay Area

San Francisco and its surrounding towns and cities are home to a remarkable number of hospitals and clinics, and these include some of the most renowned hospitals in the country. As most of these hospitals also provide outstanding educational facilities, the Bay Area offers excellent prospects for nurse training. As well as studying to qualify as a Registered Nurse (RN), a student may also opt to train as a legal nurse or a nurse practitioner, or to specialize in disciplines such as forensic nursing or critical care nursing. There is also the opportunity to study for the BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) or MSN (Masters in Science of Nursing).

Highest Rated Nursing Schools in California Bay Area

Two of the area’s top-rated schools that offer these programs are San Francisco State University School of Nursing, and University of San Francisco School of Nursing. It is possible to enter the BSN programs at these schools either as a non-nurse, or as an already qualified Registered Nurse, on an accelerated track. The programs include courses on nursing theory, pharmacology, and health assessment, among others. For the MSN programs, a student must be a qualified RN to enter. The students have to complete courses including advanced nursing ethics, role development in advanced nursing, and policies in health care, as well as a concentration of their choice. Another top-rated school offering advanced courses is the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). As well as offering a Master’s degree, UCSF also offers a Doctor of Philosophy in nursing.

Vocational Nursing Schools In California Bay Area

For those who are not so much concerned with academic study, and want to concentrate on learning the skills of nursing, there are a large number of LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) or LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) programs available in the Bay Area. Most training programs for vocational nursing last about 12 months. They are offered by many junior and community colleges, and by technical and vocational schools, as well as some hospitals.

Two of the best known programs for vocational nursing are the Bay Area College of Nursing (BACN) at Palo Alto, CA, and Chabot College in Hayward, CA, a two-year community college. There is a lot of competition to gain places on these programs, and Chabot admits only about 60 students per year on a selective basis. As well as LVN programs, the schools offer programs leading to Associate degrees in nursing. Classes include human growth and development, intravenous therapy, ethics in nursing, and clinical nutrition.

Most of the nursing schools in the California Bay Area have adopted a progressive policy, with the stated aim of providing the population of the area with the services of a highly skilled medical workforce, and thus enhancing the standard of living. Several of the schools are ranked among the USA’s top nursing schools by the National Research Council, as well as being recommended by evaluators in the nursing education field for the effectiveness of their specialty courses. Prospective nurses in this area can therefore be assured of the highest quality in nursing education.

Finding nursing schools in California Bay Area