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Average Salary Statistics For PAs

As there is a gain in popularity of physician assistant as a profession, there is a rise in physician assistant programs too. These physician assistant programs train students who are keen on learning the skills to assist doctors later. They themselves start diagnosing and treating diseases with time. It is through these extraordinary programs that the students who actually are not doctors themselves have a lot of knowledge and are able to share valuable knowledge and details about the different problems that a patient could have. The physician assistants are even capable enough to determine the exact procedures and treatment that a patient needs to go though in order to cure their illness or disease.

Average Physician Assistant Salary

Physician assistants in the U.S. are highly paid and the average physician assistant salary is quite respectable. The tasks that a physician assistant performs are very crucial and valuable and that is why the income they make by the end of the year is pretty much what they deserve. There are a number of factors that influence the physician assistant salary, they are as follows: years or experience, domain of specialty, location, education and type of work environment.

  1. Years of experience: Your salary as a physician assistant is determined by the experience you have in this field. An armature physician assistant can earn in the range $63,000 to $77,000. But as you gain experience by working in this field you salary will definitely increase by time. A person who has been working in this field as a physician assistant for a pretty long time can earn up to $110,000 year.
  2. Domain of specialty: One of the most important aspects of physician assistant salary is the domain you work in. This is the area you choose to practice and it affects the salary to a great extends. If you work as a physician assistant in the cardiovascular/ cardiothoracic surgery specialty, you can earn up to $110,500 per year and this is the most a physician assistant can make. Well exceptions are always there. If your work in the endocrinology specialty you will make around $79,000 annually and this is the minimum a physician assistant earns in a year. Then there are a lot of other specialties with different salaries. You can choose any one of them and then make a good income by the end of the year. One thing that you should always keep in mind is that your salary will definitely increase by the passing time as you gain experience.
  3. Location: Your geographical location will make a huge difference to your income as well. A physician assistant salary varies from state to state in the U.S. and it mainly depends on the region’s cost of living. Physician assistants practicing in higher metropolitan cities like New York and California are expected to get a higher pay in compare to the physician assistants in smaller states.
  4. Education: Physician assistants with higher levels of education are expected to be paid a higher physician assistant salary in compare to others as it is in almost all sorts of occupation. Physician assistants with master’s degree are given more significance and so their salary is high too which goes on increasing as they gain in experience by working in the field over the years.
  5. Type of work environment: The environment you work in influences your potential of earning as well. Physician assistants who work in medical staffing firms earn more in compare to the physician assistants working in specialty hospitals. So your work place matters a lot and in order to work in a better place you will have to go for the better physician assistant programs available. Just to mention physician assistants who work in the critical care medicine can earn up to $79,500 per year but at the same time a physician assistant working in the field of general pediatrics will earn $64,500 in a year.

Well these were the few factors which influence the physician assistant salary. But a physician assistant, who is well trained, has great skills and talent will always make good income in this field. Physician assistant as a profession is quite respectable as the tasks a physician assistant performs is no less than that of a general physician and so if you look forward to work as a physician assistant and earning a good physician assistant salary, you should always keep one thing in mind, it is a profession of great responsibilities and respect and you should live up to it because being a physician assistant is no cake walk.

Average Salary Statistics For PAs